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1) Wooden Manufacturing company, Kolkata –
Here I did developing, manufacturing and polishing of items like – various type of gift items, percussion musical instruments, components of traditional musical instruments, guitar components like guitar bridges, jewellery boxes & displays, wine accessories, smoking accessories, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, stationary accessories, globe bases, measuring tapes, diff. type of inlay and pill boxes, and various other items.

Here I worked as a senior product developing cum production manager from 1993 to 1996 and have played a key role in the remarkable development & up liftment of this company for achieving and executing two Big collaborations for them, One from M/s, ‘L.P. Music’s, of USA, for percussion musical instrument & another from ‘M/s, Shellex’, of Germany, for Guitar bridges & Guitar components, He also helped this company dynamically in boosting their export of wooden items to many developed countries. During this period their export turn over was shooted up to Rs 8.00 Crores from Rs 0.80 crore per annum. This was a golden period for this company because the items whichever I developed for their export purpose had instantly attracted, not only an unexpected huge export order from all over the world, but two major collaborations in their life history got materialized in this time.
During this period most of the products were produced on self invented, self made machines, jig fixtures, devices etc. & were duly approved by the visiting foreign buyers. Infact after setting-up of the bongo & Percussion musical instrument collaboration project as per my idea & design it was then approved and declared that the manufacturing process developed by me was an ‘unique’, cost effective and most viable.

Actually this collaboration was shifted from ‘Thailand’ to india, where there most of the manufacturing process of percussion items including ‘Bongo’ etc. was being done at CNC copy turning lathe with a 25% of material wastage for chuck holding etc. Whereas in my system the same quantity of turning bongo was being done at 4 number of self invented very low cost machines in 4 numbers, As such the total cost involvement for machine plant was merely 10% of CNC machine. There was further saving of 25% in each bongo’s production cost because in my system with the help of jig fixtures the material wastage for chuck holding was nil. In fact by then all the products were new to me and I was not having any idea of manufacturing these items in bulk, In-fact all the success was only due to concentrated thinking for inventing perfect process, machine, jig-fixture device etc., and in fact I did it in a single shot by pre-assuming and visualizing the entire end product in step by step during concentrated thinking.

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